About Us


Snake River Bros is a non-profit 501 (c) 3, motorcycle organization, consisting of 80 members from throughout Southern Idaho and Northern Nevada, contributing their time raising money to help children in need. Since inception, Feb 1, 2001, the organization has donated over $390,000. Funds are raised through membership dues, organized motorcycle rides, rallies, newsletter advertising, raffles and auctions as well as from donations from the hearts of people who want to help the children in the Southern Idaho and Northern Nevada area with debilitating injuries or diseases, and bona fide organizations that help these area children.


We help provide funds to organizations who help children in need, such as:















You don’t need to ride a motorcycle to join, you only need to have a desire to help us in our mission:


We invite you to join in on the fun and rewards, and help us grow in our endeavors.

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