We'd like to salute our Annual Event Sponsors.  If you only knew what you mean to us...  We just can't thank you enough for your kindness and support.  All our amazing sponsors will be displayed on this site through the end of the year!  We love you all!

Without YOU, we couldn't do what we do.  Please consider Donating, Sponsoring, or becoming an Advertiser! If you have never gone on a ride with us, been to our Annual Rally in the Valley, enjoyed the festivities at our Se Habla Español Run. These Rides are absolutely amazing experiences for riders of all skill levels.  And you don't have to have a motorcycle to enjoy these awesome events!  They are family friendly and designed for the sole purpose of enjoying our time together helping children.  All these events need sponsors or they just wouldn't be possible.  YOU are our lifeline and you just can't possibly know how much you help the children that apply for assistance each and every year!  YOU are the miracle these kids and their families pray for.  Enrich the quality of a young life right now.  Click that Donate/Sponsor button and we'll help you get started!   Be the hero these children so desperately need! Thank you all for your donations and for your big hearts.  It's good to have you on the TEAM.

Are you tired of riding by yourself?  We invite you to come ride with us!  We have these amazing rides each year for you to enjoy, no strings attached. And there are many more!  Let's roll!


Raffle Items Needed!

Sponsorships & Advertisers are welcome and encouraged all year round. 
Please feel free to contact us any time.   It's always the right time.